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Paris Art Conference #1

La Fonderie

Paris Team

Since 2003, La Fonderie is a communty of christian artists in Paris.

Jim Beise

Guest speaker

Cultural catalyst, Jim has a long time experience with France. He is the creator of La Fonderie, and the main speaker of the conference.

B.R. Pons


B.R. is a french photographer and videographer. He is the present director of La Fonderie.

Monique Sliedrecht


Monique is a scotland based artist having an exhibition about Landscapes in Paris we'll visit.


Music programmer

Ombeline is the curator of the 36H Festival.

Noémie Jean-Bourgeault


Noémie is a french canadian painter from Montreal.

Yory Ingunza

Sculptor and street artist

Yory is a peruvian painter and a sculptor living in Paris. He will guide us in Belleville.