2017 edition - june 20-24th

We gather together every day for sessions about art, faith and the city. In this program you find the main activity for each giving days.

Festival 36H

Tuesday, june 20th

First meeting in the afternoon to get to know each others. Then we'll spend the evening attending a rock and electro independent music festival in Saint-Eustache cathedral.

Fête de la Musique

Wednesday, june 21th

Visit of different galleries during the afternoon.
We'll spend the evening discovering Paris during this annual free popular music festival.


Thursday, june 22th

During the afternoon, visit of the exhibition "The Mystical Landscape" at Musée d'Orsay, followed by a tour of the Saint-Germain area. We'll spend the evening at the Pavé d'Orsay, an art gallery run by our team.

Le Marais

Friday, june 23th

Picnic and visit of the "Marais" neighbourhood. We'll have a session in an historical church, then go visit "Silencio" a private club for artists created by the american cinematographer David Lynch.


Saturday, june 24th

Street art tour in the Belleville neighbourhood. We'll have our final session in another church.

Festival 36H

This is the 12th edition of this music festival taking place in one of the biggest church in the middle of Paris.
Rock and electro bands play there for free during a "36h" long festival.

Each band has to make a cover of an existing "sacred" song.

The event is broadcast on national radio (Nova) and television (Arte) channels.

We'll attend some of the gigs, meet the staff, some artists playing there, and the team leaders who will share their vision with us a couple of days later.

Bands playing in 2017 : Yeti Lane, Rubin Steiner, Stranded Horse, Halo Maud, Petit Prince, JP Nataf

Fête de la Musique

"Fête de la Musique" is a free popular music festival taking place in the public space during the longest night of the year.
Every musician is welcome to showcase in the streets, and some professional artist are invited to offer free live show on big stages.
It's a non lucrative event, just a simple occasion for people to gather together, party and celebrate music.

First created in Paris in 1982, the festival had 1.500 concerts in the Paris area, and is now located in more than 700 cities in 85 countries around the world.

A good opportunity for us to take the pulse of the vibrant city.

Mystical landscapes

Beyond Stars. The Mystical Landscape from Monet to Kandinsky.

Elevation towards the infinite, the trials of the night, the quest for light, the individual’s search to become one with the whole, the experience of nature’s transcendental forces: these situations, both sensory and spiritual, sought out or felt as much by the painter of the Symbolist landscape as by the spectator of the work, are like the stages of the mystical journey.

The selection of works includes landscapes by Gauguin, Denis, Monet, Hodler, Klimt, Munch and van Gogh. Thus a dialogue will be created between secular, Catholic and Protestant mystical traditions, and will include the relationship to the natural world before and after the cataclysm of the First World War.

Le Marais

Picnic and visit of the "Marais" neighbourhood.

We'll have our session about "Art, Faith and the City" in an historical church.

Later we go visit "Silencio" a private club for artists created by the american cinematographer David Lynch.


Street art tour in the Belleville neighbourhood.

Picnic in the garden.

Then final session.

Carte / Map

Nos lieux de rencontres dans la ville.
Where we'll meet in the city..