Conference Program

Coffee & Worship

Morning Session

Afternoon Workshop

Evening Out

First Day

We will start with an apéro in the afternoon to meet each other and go through the program. We'll then walk to St-Eustache cathedral, dowtown Paris, to attend a rock and electro independent music festival : the 36H FESTIVAL.


First Meeting

We will have our first meeting in the morning to get to know each others and to present the team and the program.


Festival 36h

Our first evening we'll be at the indie music festival taking place every year in Saint Eustache cathedral downtown Paris :

Day 1

June 20th
  • Gather together10am
  • Visit St Eustache church2pm
  • Apéro6pm
  • Festival 36h7pm
  • Up to you until2am

Second Day

Our second day will start with morning sessions and workshops in the afternoon.
We'll spend the evening discovering Paris during the annual free popular music festival "Fête de la Musique".


Session 1

Our first introduction session will be all together above the gallery Pavé d'Orsay. We'll get inspired and challenged on different art topics.



After lunch, we'll get into smaller groups according to different interests. You will be able to choose between two different workshops : "Art & Creativity" or  "History & Spirituality".


Fête de la Musique

During the longest night of the year, musicians get on the streets or on big stage to offer free live concerts.
This is a non lucrative event with around 1.500 concerts in the Paris area. A good opportunity to take the pulse of the vibrant city.

Day 2

June 21th
  • Get together               9am
  • Session 19:30am
  • Lunch12:30pm
  • Workshop 12pm
  • Diner7pm
  • Fête de la Musique8pm
  • Up to you until2am

Third Day

We will have our second session in an historical church in the 7th quarter, then spend evening at "Silencio", a private club for artists created by the american cinematographer David Lynch and named after a sequence of his movie "Mulholland Drive".


Session 2

Second session all together to get inspired and challenged about Art.



Second afternoon to explore the city in smaller groups, we will discover more on "Art & Creativity" or "History & Spirituality".


Silencio Club

We'll visit the private art club created by David Lynch and attend an intimate concert with a homemade cocktail.

Day 3

June 22th
  • Get together9am
  • Session 29:30
  • Lunch12:30
  • Workshop 22pm
  • Diner8pm
  • Silencio club9pm
  • Up to you until2am

Last Day

We'll spend the day at the Pavé d'Orsay, an art gallery created by the Fonderie team.


Session 3

Third and last session all together on artists and community.



Last afternoon to visit the city in smaller groups to discover more on "Art & Creativity" or "History & Spirituality".


Last evening

Let's meet in a restaurant for an overview of what we've seen, learned and experienced during thoses 4 days.

4th and last day

June 23rd
  • Get together9am
  • Session 39:30
  • Lunch12:30
  • Workshop 32pm
  • Diner7pm

Paris Art Conference

4 days of gathering about Art, Faith & the City to inspire and renew artists to live out their calling to create.

Come join us from june 20th to 23th 2019. The conference will be in English and French (with English translation).


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