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Paris Art Conference          
ART • FAITH • CITY           
20-23 june 2019           


Paris Art Conference

Located in the heart of Paris, the Fonderie Art Conference is rooted in creative interactions, arts festivals, and times of prayer.

We invite a small group of artists and art appreciators every year in June 20-23.


Group interactions

We diver deeper into questions like: How do you engage with the city as an artist? What does it mean to authentically be a believer and an artist? How should faith nurture art? Why do we need community? What about inspiration?


Faith & creativity

Exchanges between French and English speakers who will adress topics on Art, Faith and the City.
Spend time in meaningfull locations to pray and hear God in unexpected ways.


Discover the city

Paris is crucial to the history of the arts. Learn it through the eyes of local artists!
Every day we will visit different places: churches, gardens, museums, art gallery, bars and restaurants.


Music festivals

Attend a French indie music Festival inside a cathedral in the heart of the city.
The next day mingle with the parisian crowd during the free yearly festival "Fête de la Musique".

La Fonderie • Paris Art Conference

See you in Paris on June 20th !

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Paris Art Conference

4 days of gathering about Art, Faith & the City to inspire and renew artists to live out their calling to create.

Come join us from june 20th to 23th 2019. The conference will be in English and French (with English translation).


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